Fast Politics

Fast Politics

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***For Season 2, alternating weeks Fast Politics switches off between “Schneider Factor Live” and “Fast Politics Starring Christopher McFarland”. See Season 2 Episodes below or at

For SchneiderFactor Live Episodes Visit here:

LIVE Episode – Aired 8/17/16

LIVE Episode – Aired 8/3/16

LIVE Episode – Aired 7/20/16

LIVE Episode – Aired 7/6/16

LIVE Episode – Aired 6/22/16

Season 1 Episodes Below!

LIVE Episode – Aired 6/1/16

LIVE Episode – Aired 5/25/16

LIVE Episode – Aired 5/18/16

LIVE Episode – Aired 4/27/16

LIVE Episode – Aired 4/20/16

LIVE Episode – Aired 4/13/16

LIVE Episode – Aired 4/6/16

Seventh Episode – Aired LIVE 3/23/16

Sixth Episode – Aired LIVE 3/16/16

Fifth Episode – Aired LIVE 3/2/16

Fourth Episode – Aired LIVE 2/26/16

Third Episode – Aired LIVE 2/17/16

Second Episode (First One Ready for Primetime!) – Aired LIVE 2/10/16

“Fast Politics” – A rapid political debate podcast/show where arguments from across the political spectrum are energetically explored in a lively, funny and friendly arena! Airs LIVE every Wednesday night on West Hollywood Public Access Television, Time Warner Channel 36 at 8:30pm.

Christopher McFarland: Ghetto baby –> Ivy League banker –> politics aficionado! * XopherMac @
Matthew Schneider: Power lawyer –> controversial journalist –> hilarious comedian! * SchneiderFactor @

Listen to past AUDIO podcasts on iTunes ( or here (

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  1. Hey Guys I see you! Nice and funny.

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