Flashback Friday: Second Season Of The Weekly Show!

It’s Flashback Fridays! In anticipation of a huge announcement on Friday, March 30th, every Friday until then, the Video Vault will be cracked open to unleash a batch of hilarious videos from the past!

This week: experience the thrill and anything-goes excitement of the SECOND season of The Weekly Show, the busiest show ever! Featuring a huge cast of reporters who contributed entertainment, political and medical news segments like Black & White, Health Hurts and Film Fight!

“This reminded me of Titanic, and I mean the boat, not the movie!” claims TV Guide.

Best of Season Two Musical Montage!

30 Second Teaser for Season 2 of The Weekly Show!

Trailer for the Final Weekly Show Episode Ever!?!?

Weekly Show Episode #201 – Monologue Jokes + Tiger Woods + Words From ‘Da Hood!

Weekly Show Episode #202 – Premiere of “Worst Week Ever”!

Weekly Show Episode #203 – New Bandleader + Florida Senior Reporters + Movie Reviews!

Weekly Show Episode #204 – Schneider & Purple Umbrella of Truth @ NYC Fashion Week!

Weekly Show Episode #205 – Film Fight: Best Movies of the Decade!

Weekly Show Episode #206 – Monologue Jokes + Terrifying Traffic + Sports Update!

Weekly Show Episode #207 – Health Hurts w/ Outback Medicine & “Ask Dr. Bits!”

Weekly Show Episode #208 – Black & White w/ Urban Correspondent Translating Jewish Words!

Weekly Show Episode #209 – Controversy Chamber – Bipartisan Dreams + Healthcare Reform!

Weekly Show Episode #210 – Final Black & White Words + Final Outback Medicine!

Weekly Show Episode #211 – International News + Final Film Fight Review of Iron Man 2!

Weekly Show Episode #212 – Celebrity Gossip + Final Ask Dr. Bits!

Weekly Show Episode #213 – New Shows, Spoof Commercials, and A Final Hurrah!

Bonus: Spoof Olive Garden Commercial!

Bonus: The DMC & Michael Jackson Radio Show Part 1!

Bonus: The DMC & Michael Jackson Radio Show Part 2!


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