Flashback Friday: BWF Wrestling + Crazy Comedy Videos!

It’s Flashback Fridays! In anticipation of a huge announcement on Friday, March 30th, every Friday until then, the Video Vault will be cracked open to unleash a batch of hilarious videos from the past!

This week: Schneider unveils his “evil” persona, first as a Gorilla on the streets interviewing people, then as the Grim Reaper, then as an Evil Villain comically slapping people around and finally as Vince MattMahon, the owner of the fictional wrestling federation: BWF! Enjoy the unique and anything goes action below!

Schneider Roaming The Street As A Smart-Ass In A Monkey Suit!

Schneider Roaming The Street As A Smart-Ass Grim Reaper!

Evil Villain Punches The Most Annoying Girl In The Face!

Evil Villain Slaps A Tied Up Girl With His Glove!

Evil Villain Slaps Dumb Assistant With His Glove!

Evil Villain Kills Dumb Assistant!

Binghamton Wrestling Federation: The BWF Soap Opera!
Created, directed, edited and written by Matt Schneider! Starring the most creative students at Binghamton University!

BWF Season 1 Recap Montage: Sacrifice!

BWF Season 2 Cast of Characters: Danger Is Go!

BWF Season 2 Trailer: So Good It’s Scary!

BWF Season 2 Trailer: It’s Your Patriotic Duty To Watch!

BWF Season 2 Trailer: Anything Goes Action!

Punching “The Boss” Vince MattMahon!

Goons, Balloons and More Get On Vince MattMahon’s Last Nerve!

Dr. Virus Tries To Kill Vince MattMahon

Vince MattMahon Fights For His Life And Dies!?!

Vince MattMahon’s Hellish Death Nightmare!

The Emperor’s True Identity Revealed To Be . . . !

The Real Daughter of Vince MattMahon Searches Everywhere For Her Father!

The Chokeslam Of A Girl Heard Around The World!

The Most Dramatic Steel Chair Shot Ever!

Controversial Debut Of The Cocketeers!

Cocketeers Get Revenge On The Biggest Dicks Around!

Cocketeers Shower, Spy And Doing Everything Together!

Evil Emperor Dances When He Thinks No One Else Is Around!

Dr. Virus Unleashes His Master Plan And Seeks Revenge!

Flashback To When Dr. Virus And Vince MattMahon Were Best Friends!

Vince MattMahon Falls In Love At First Sight With Dr. Virus’ Fiancee!

A Girl Comes In Between Best Friends Dr. Virus And Vince MattMahon!

The Beginning Of A Vince And Linda MattMahon Love Affair!

Lover And Dancer Scare The Ladies Wherever They Go!

Lover And Dancer Seek Revenge From Their Attackers!

The Evil Lair Prepares A Death Ray To Finish Off Lover And Dancer!

Dancer Kidnapped And Tortured In The Evil Lair!

Hans Mourns The Loss Of His Partner Frans!

Out Of Control BWF Brawl In The Dorms!

Two Wrestlers Fight Over A Girl And Race To Get Her!

Death At A Wedding!

Lightpost The Narrator Kidnaps A Scared Child!

Pregnant Girl Begs Forgiveness From Her Ex-Lover!

The Ravishing Rabbi Gives Advice To Anyone Who Seeks It!


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