Flashback Friday: Crazy Campaign To Be “President”

It’s Flashback Fridays! In anticipation of a huge announcement in April, every week until then, the Video Vault will be cracked open to unleash a batch of hilarious videos from the past!

This week: “Campaign To Be ‘President’ – witness Schneider at Binghamton University beg voters to vote for him, yell at voters after he loses the election, get into a heated feud with his Purple Shirt of Truth and ultimately get motivated to run for President again one year later, resulting in him giving the Commencement Speech and returning years later to give a speech on leadership!

#1 – Collecting Signatures From Voters In Order To Get Schneider’s Name On Ballet!

#2 – Schneider LOSES The Election – Witness The Dramatic Results!

#3 – Schneider Punishes Voters For Not Voting For Him – Quits Show And Leaves Binghamton!

#4 – Schneider Returns With The Outfit Of Outrage – Vowing To One Day Run For President Again!

#5 – Schneider’s Arch-Nemesis Destroys The Original Umbrella Of Truth – Witness The Sad End Of An Era!

#6 – Schneider Blames The Purple Shirt Of Truth For His Election Loss, Argues With The Shirt And Then Kills It!

#7 – Schneider Reward With A Gift From Above: A Brand New PURPLE Umbrella Of Truth!

#8 – Schneider Stalked By A Resurrected Purple Shirt Of Truth Seeking Revenge!

#9 – Ultimate Battle Between Good (Schneider) And Evil (Purple Shirt Of Truth) – Schneider Kidnapped Until He’s Saved By Purple T-Shirts!!

#10 – #20 — One Year Later, Schneider Runs For President of Binghamton University Again And This Time Finally Wins!!

#21 – Restoring Dignity – Giving The Commencement Speech in 2005 As President!

#22 – Several Years Later – Giving A Speech On What It Takes To Be A Great Leader!


About SchneiderFactor

Independent Man with Independent Vision!

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